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Endpoint Exchange
The Endpoint Exchange Network is a leading electronic check image exchange provider for the financial services industry. Endpoint Exchange’s support of industry-standard exchange formats provides the cross-platform interoperability that financial institutions need to exchange check images in a multi-lateral environment. Click here to learn more about Endpoint Exchange.
M&I's ForwardPlus product enables items not cleared through the Endpoint Exchange Network to be cleared electronically among network members. This gives your financial institution more options for leveraging your infrastructure and for clearing. Click here to learn more about M&I's ForwardPlus product.
Endpoint Exchange allows financial institutions to electronically return an image of a dishonored check directly to the participating depository institution as soon as it is identified as non-payable by the institution. Click here to learn more about ReturnsPlus.
Endpoint Exchange partners with Viewpointe, to provide its clients with highly secure, reliable, and cost-effective image and check settlement services. Click here to learn more about Viewpointe.