Interface Options: API Format

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The Endpoint Exchange Application Program Interface (API) is a documented set of protocols by which any item processing system can connect to the Endpoint Exchange Network. Utilizing cross-platform architecture, the API is designed to help developers of check and item processing systems make their systems tightly integrate with the Endpoint Exchange client, the node on the network within each participating member's item processing operation. Endpoint Exchange offers the API at no charge to third-party developers who execute a basic Distribution Agreement with Endpoint Exchange.

The Distribution Agreement allows the vendor open access to the Endpoint Exchange API documentation, and free ongoing support and development support, including an online simulator version of the Endpoint Exchange Network exclusively for developer testing. The Endpoint Exchange API provides interoperability between item-processing platforms, allowing each member institution to exchange images and data with other platforms with transparency. The API option is ideal for those institutions that wish to take advantage of many of Endpoint Exchange’s advanced features that can only be fully exploited by tight integration with their item processing system. Endpoint Exchange is the only national image exchange network to offer a free API to allow third-party solution providers to connect their customers to the network.

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